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Redding Property Management Experts Welcomes You!

We can assign a property manager from our staff to look after your real estate investment in Redding, CA. Regardless of the type or size of your property, number of units or number of tenants you have, we’ll be sure to take care of every important task in an orderly fashion. We keep our lines of communication open so that you’ll never have trouble reaching us whenever you want.

Our detail-oriented staff can help you in many different ways and will always give you the exceptional customer service you expect. You can hire us if you need help managing a:

A property manager at Redding Property Management Experts is ready to serve you if you own a rental property anywhere in Redding, California and surrounding areas. This includes finding, and helping to select, the best, and most reliable tenants through our rigorous tenant screening process.  We conduct an initial background check on all applicants, which includes employment, credit, and criminal checks.  Once a tenan thas moved in to your property, we collect rent, handle all repairs, routine maintenance, and eviction duties, as well as perform quarterly property inspections to ensure the integrity of your property is never compromised.

We also provide our clients with monthly financial reports, 24/7 emergency hotlines for both property owners and their tenants, and convenient direct deposit of our clients’ monthly rental income into their bank of choice.

Our ability to handle all of these tasks at the highest possible level, at affordable rates, with no hidden charges, is what has allowed Redding Property Management Experts to become the property management firm of choice among real estate owners in and around Redding, CA including the entire Shasta county. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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Our Services

Rental Valuation – Estimating the rental value of your property.

Rental Vacancy Marketing – Advertising your vacant property to find tenants.

Tenant Screening & Selection – Background check and verify information of each prospective tenant and select the most suitable tenant.

Tenant Move In/Move Out – Ensure that a tenant leaves your property in good condition and that the new tenant also finds everything intact.

Rent Collection & Accounting – Collecting rent and depositing it in your account on time. Prepare and deliver annual financial statements.

Property Inspections – Regularly check property interior/exterior and ensure any damage is reported to you.

Repairs & Maintenance – Get all repairs complete professionally and handle maintenance calls from the tenant.

Tenant Evictions & Legal Disputes – Handle tenant evictions if needed and assist clients with legal disputes.